Surman Sansthan

Nature has destined her to serve. While taking care of her three biological kids and family, she used to go to the slum areas, distributing clothes, toys, sweets, and sometimes making paintings for them. This inspired her to take care of these children and this inspiration embedded the seed of motherhood. She found a girl named “Gauri” who had a severe injury on her head and bleeding badly. She took the baby to a hospital and stayed there with the girl for three days. People suggested her to take the girl child to her own home. She did the same, and the journey started on that day. That month, she got eight more children, and after that, the number increased, and after that who came from where was never an issue.

The journey was not as easy as it looks now. When she used to go to the people for some kind of help for these children, they kept her waiting for a long time.
The journey has been continuing, and she has become the mother of more than 100 children residing at “Surman Sansthan” and “Anand Lok”.