The work of art is all a process of creation

Necessity is the mother of invention.

"I want to fill colors in lonesome eyes through my canvas" I found a chance to spread the message through my 72 hours painting marathon for the first time where people came and asked the purpose and some of them understood the motive, and if had been years since 9 was painting with a purpose, but the 72 hours marathon triggered me, and the run is still going on at different states with one motive childhood.
My main motive for shortfilms came from mishappenings around the world. I wanted something which can bring the message and pain of children who have struggled and are struggling. Through shortfilms, we can spread the message around society and make them aware of mishappening. I made my first shortfilm "Run through night" from inspiration and mishappenings around me to spread the message. The journey is still going on.
I started my journey as a writer when I was struggling, and a wellwisher suggested me to start a monthly magazine and get subscribers, then I decided to publish a magazine in a short time named "Bougainvillea".
My passion, for children. I always wanted that all children should be standing on their feet with their hidden talent. So I started theatre for them, and now children also play a role in theatre.