As a Journey of Surman Sansthan

Manan Chaturvedi

Manan Chaturvedi was used to distribute stationery, clothing, food, etc for many years in slum areas to kids. One day she accidentally found a girl name "Gauri", who had a severe injury on her head and bleeding badly. She took the baby to a hospital and stayed there with the girl for three days. People suggested her to take the girl child to her own home. She did the same, and the journey started on that day. In that month, she got eight more children and after that, the number increased, and after that who came from where was never an issue. This kind of incidents or happenings gave birth to “Surman Sansthan”.

The Surman Sansthan has rehabilitated 370 children into their families, 110 children are living at the Surman Sansthan presently.

Surman Sansthan is running four projects:

  • PALNA- Surman Palna is a shelter home where the abandoned and destitute children are, given the foundation of Happiness and their successful future.
  • KOSHISH- Koshish is our program to support and encourage women who have been suffering in the hands of fate and their family members. Through Koshish, we strive to make these women self-dependent.
  • JEEVAN- A distress call from helpless parents, pleading for support for the treatment of their children gave birth to another initiative called Jeevan. We started temporary adoption of the children needing medical aid and parents who are not in a position to bear the expenses.
  • TAPASYA- It is an effort by the Surman family to extend helping hands to the children who need financial help for education. We have been successful in supporting children by the way of sponsoring their education.

Surman symbolizes:

S: (Sundar) Be beautiful from the heart
U: (Uttkristh) Be extraordinary at work
R: (Ramniya) Be delighted in your words
M: (Mridul) Be soft-spoken in your voice
N: (Nishtha) Be dedicated to your goal
These 5 values help achieve great heights.

We believe that each child, around the world, deserves a safe and secure life. We aimed to protect each child’s future