Always with you

Yes I Am

Your dreams are my passion
Your problems are my challenges

Manan Chaturvedi

My Thoughts are
My Teacher.

MANAN CHATURVEDI is the founder and runner of the NGO called Surman Sansthan. She is a social activist for child rights awareness of mishappening around the world with children, and also she is the Ex-Chairperson of Rajasthan State Commission for Protection of Child Rights.
MANAN CHATURVEDI, who selflessly care for homeless and destitute children. A living example of pure love and sacrifices to make a difference in today’s society. Those children who were rejected by society and in the middle of a crisis, MANAN extended a hand to care for over 110 children without blinking an eye.
My greatest joy is expressing one cohesive thought within a
'body' of work that can be shown in its entirety.

Running projects

Manan Chaturvedi is running a few projects to take her mission across the world and spread
her message to makes people more aware.